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Choose DBF Open File Tool if the damage affects DBF files and you encounter the risk of losing the data
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27 January 2014

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This is a recovery tool for database files.

DBF Open File Tool provides a database recovery service of damaged files. Database files from dBase III, dBase IV, Visual FoxPro, Clipper and others are supported. The DBF files generated by these databases could be handled by this tool. The repair capabilities include repairing of table structure, entries, MEMO fields and other objects. It would not matter what encoding is used by the database. Database corruptions because of any of several reasons are handled easily. Corruptions could have happened due to viral infections, software issues, file system errors and other problems. This is compatible with any version of Microsoft Windows operating system, from Windows 98 to Windows 7. The program goes through an analysis phase. In this phase the program determines what kind of errors would have happened and what would be the best way to recover from it.

The results of the analysis will be displayed to you so that the recovered data will be saved only if you are satisfied with the results. Most often, the results will be useful as the analysis phase utilizes deep knowledge about the internals of these database files. The interface is very simply laid out. The interaction area with the file system and the display of results after analysis has been completed are clearly demarcated. There is a progress bar that indicates the progress of the recovery process. Overall the tool is quite easy to operate. Most people should be able to start using it right away. This is good tool and a suitable candidate for trying out, if you have a need.

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DBF Open File Tool is all you need to keep DBF database files in safety, this powerful data recovery utility guarantees the highest efficiency of database recovery in all instances of data corruption, damaging the structure of DBF files. Do not hesitate downloading this software if you encounter some difficulties when trying to access not openable databases in DBF format, it really helps anytime the results of your work is in danger and there is no way of data restoration using previously saved backup copies. This software is compatible with any version of Microsoft Windows operating system, currently installed on your computer so you may simply get a small installation file of DBF Open File Tool, suitable for all available configurations and evaluate its ease and efficiency on any computer you like. Indeed, the nature of data recovery services makes impossible any warranties because the success of DBF database recovery depends on various factors starting from the state of input document. In the same time, DBF Open File Tool features some advantages so you may count on this application in the worst cases of database corruption and get very good results even if everything seems to be lost. This DBF data recovery software is absolutely free to try so you may get DBF Open File Tool anytime and check whether this program really helps in your personal case and retrieves damaged information from affected databases of DBF format. Keep in mind that free version of DBF Open File Tool can be installed on your computer for as long as you need to make your own opinion about this software and evaluating its service of database recovery. Our customers have full access to technical support services, provided by the developer of DBF Open File Tool, feel free asking your questions or submit the database to be processed to our server if something goes wrong and DBF Open File Tool is unable to open the document you need.
DBF Open File Tool
DBF Open File Tool
Version 2.1.2
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